Pharmaceutical Sciences

SAS Programmers and Clinical Data Managers

We specialize in sourcing experienced SAS programmers and clinical data managers to top CRO and pharmaceuticals companies in UK and Europe.

Statistical analysis system (SAS) programmers are information technology (IT) professionals who oversee data collection and analysis. Their main job typically includes creating statistical tables showing information, converting raw data into data sets, and aggregating and manipulating data to analyze productivity and projects. It is possible to be self-taught in terms of SAS programming, although a quicker route may be a specialized course. In terms of being employed in the area, those best placed to get such jobs will have a degree in computer programming or similar. Some firms may offer training on SAS software on-the-job, although some background in the software type would be highly beneficial.

Clinical data managers are responsible for collecting data from a variety of medical research projects, such as clinical and pharmaceutical trials. They work collaboratively to make sure data is collected, managed, and reported clearly, accurately, and securely.


OSPAP stands for Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Program. Basically, OSPAP is a bridge program that enables pharmacists from countries like India (non-EU) to work in the UK. OSPAP offers theoretical and practical training in pharmacy topics.

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OSPAP is a bridging program for non-EEA pharmacists who want to work in the UK Some of the top universities that provide OSPAP courses in the UK include Aston University, Kingston University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Brighton, etc The program is usually for a duration of 9 months to 12 months.

The course is intended to enable pharmacists trained in India (outside the EU) with pharmacy practice in the UK. OSPAP course is fully accredited by GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) OSPAP Universities.

Pharmacy dispensers and technicians in Retail pharmacies and GP practices

We are proud to associate with a prestigious chain of independent pharmacies and work in partnership with them to provide pharmacy dispensers and technicians

Dispensers and Pharmacy Assistants receive, and store medications coming into the pharmacy, maintain stock of prescription medications, keep records and maintain an inventory of drugs to facilitate the role of a pharmacist. Under pharmacist supervision, pharmacy technicians supply medicines to patients, whether on prescription or over the counter, assemble medicines for prescriptions provide information to patients and other healthcare professionals.