Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences

S&P Recruitment excels in sourcing top-tier SAS Programmers and Clinical Data Managers. We’re experts in connecting skilled SAS programmers ( statistical analysis system) and clinical data managers with leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies across the UK,UAE and Europe.

SAS programmers are IT professionals adept at data collection and analysis, including creating statistical tables, converting raw data into datasets, and manipulating data for project analysis. While self-learning SAS is possible, formal training or a computer programming degree can fast-track your career. Some employers offer on-the-job SAS software training, making prior software knowledge advantageous.

OSPAP(Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Program)

OSPAP, short for Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Program, serves as a pivotal bridge program that facilitates pharmacists from countries like India (non-EU) to embark on professional roles in the UK.

OSPAP provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training encompassing various pharmacy topics, ensuring a smooth transition into the UK healthcare system.

Ready to Advance Your Pharmacy Career?

Consider joining our OSPAP courses, where our dedicated consultants will support and guide you throughout the admission process.

OSPAP serves as a bridge for non-EEA pharmacists aspiring to work in the UK, with prestigious universities like Aston University, Kingston University, University of Hertfordshire, and University of Brighton offering accredited programs lasting 9 to 12 months.

Gain the necessary skills and accreditation through OSPAP to practice pharmacy in the UK confidently, backed by the General Pharmaceutical Council’s recognition. Elevate your career with OSPAP Universities today!

Join Our Team of Pharmacy Experts in Retail and GP Settings

We are delighted to partner with renowned independent pharmacies collaborating to supply pharmacy dispensers and technicians.

Dispensers and Pharmacy

Our team of dispensers and pharmacy assistants adeptly handle medication reception, storage, inventory management, and record-keeping, ensuring seamless support for pharmacists. Additionally, our pharmacy technicians, under pharmacist supervision, provide patients with accurate medications, assemble prescriptions, and offer crucial information to patients and healthcare professionals alike.